Postfix 3.2.0 stable release added to EL6 and EL7 repositories

Today, the stable version of Postfix 3.2 was officially released. I have added packages for EL6 and 7 in my repositories.
In this release includes the following changes and new features:

The main changes in no particular order are:

Elliptic curve negotiation with OpenSSL ≥ 1.0.2. This changes the default smtpd_tls_eecdh_grade setting to "auto", and introduces a new parameter tls_eecdh_auto_curves with the names of curves that may be negotiated.

Stored-procedure support for MySQL databases. Contributed by John Fawcett. See the mysql_table(5) manpage for details.

Cidr: table support for if/endif and negation (by prepending ! to a pattern), just like regexp: and pcre: tables. See the cidr_table(5) manpage for details.

The postmap command and the inline: and texthash: maps now support spaces in left-hand field of lookup table source text. Use double quotes (") around a left-hand field that contains spaces, and use backslash (\) to protect quotes in a left-hand field.

Support for per-client Milter configuration (smtpd_milter_maps) that overrides the smtpd_milters setting, and that has the same syntax. A lookup result of "DISABLE" turns off Milter support for that client. See MILTER_README.html for details.

The local SMTP server IP address and port are available in the policy delegation protocol (attribute names: server_address, server_port), in the Milter protocol (macro names: {daemon_addr}, {daemon_port}), and in the XCLIENT protocol (attribute names: DESTADDR, DESTPORT).

For safety reasons, the Postfix sendmail -C option must specify an authorized directory: the default configuration directory, a directory that is listed in the default file with alternate_config_directories or multi_instance_directories, otherwise the command must be invoked with root privileges. This mitigates a recurring "jail break" problem with the PHP mail() function.

"PASS" and "STRIP" actions in header/body_checks. "STRIP" is similar to "IGNORE" but also logs the action, and "PASS" disables header, body, and Milter inspection for the remainder of the message content. Contributed by Hobbit.

The script by Viktor Dukhovni for grouping Postfix logfile records into "sessions" based on queue ID and process ID information, in the auxiliary/collate directory of the Postfix source tree.

Disabled or removed behavior:

SMTPUTF8 support: Postfix 3.2 disables the 'transitional' compatibility between the IDNA2003 and IDNA2008 standards for internationalized domain names (domain names beyond the limits of US-ASCII). This makes Postfix behavior consistent with contemporary web browsers. See RELEASE_NOTES for more.

Postfix 3.2 removes tentative features that were implemented before the DANE spec was finalized: support for certificate usage PKIX-EE(1), the ability to disable digest agility, and the ability to disable support for "TLSA 2 [01] [12]" records that specify the digest of a trust anchor. See RELEASE_NOTES for more.